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By Hockey Insider StaffThe NHL has released the official rules for the 2018-19 season and it is the same as the one released in 2018-17. 

The biggest changes are the changes to the age limit for players, and the elimination of the 3-on-3 format. 

In the 2018 edition, players could play for as little as 15 minutes per game. 

That will no longer be the case for 2018-2019, which is only 16 minutes per minute. 

With the new format, only players with one goal will be able to play in the NHL, which means the players will need to be at least 21 years old to be eligible. 

Players who play more than 15 minutes a game will need a one-year commitment. 

A player can play for two years in the same season and not be eligible for the next season. 

There are some big changes, however, that players will have to adapt to. 

Here’s how the new rules will impact players. 


Players will have a longer leash than they have in previous years. 

Previously, players were eligible to play for only two or three games per season. 

 That will change for 2019-2020, and it will be a three-game limit per team. 

For 2019-2021, it will become a five-game max. 2.

Players can’t play more times than two weeks. 

Once again, this will be for 2019. 

It will be an eight-game season for all 30 teams. 


Players must wear the same uniform for each game. 

 This is a big change for players who will have their number retired. 

No longer will a player have to wear the uniform of the team he was traded to. 

   A team can keep the uniform it has for a season, but can only have one jersey in the house for a player who is traded to another team. 

  Players will also have to have the same number on the back of their jerseys for the season. 

  As for the goalies, the rule changes are pretty straightforward. 

You can no longer have a goaltender wear the No. 1 jersey of a different team for more than two seasons. 

As for forwards, they can’t wear the jersey of another team for at least one year. 

5-on – The 5-on is a rule that allows players to play more in the offensive zone than they did before, and teams have the ability to change the rule to allow for the addition of forwards. 

Currently, teams can use the 5-o-meter to determine who can play in their own zone. 

But in 2018, the 5o-meters were eliminated. 


Players may not use their stick as a weapon. 

This is for 2018. 

Goalie Tuukka Rask will have the option to use his stick as an offensive weapon. 

  He can also use his wrist shot as a play. 


The ice time rule will be removed. 

When it was implemented in the 2018 draft, the league allowed teams to use a 1-minute overtime period if a player failed to stop an even-strength or power-play goal. 

However, that rule was eliminated in 2019-2019. 


A player may not injure a teammate. 

Again, this is for 2019 and the NHL has announced that it will not be in the business of making the players agree to an injury settlement. 


A team will have an extra player in the lineup for the final six games of the season, if needed. 


There will be no penalties for minor infractions. 

Some teams have used this rule to try to increase the game.

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