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Why does the US flag look like the flag of the United States?

We’re looking at your search results for “United States flag” and “diving flag”.

If you search for the words “dive flag” or “diver flag”, the first result you see is from scuba divers.

They’re the ones that have a flag of their own, but the ones on this page are the US military flag.

The US flag has a lot of different meanings.

The flag is sometimes called the “disco” flag, because it’s often used as a symbol of the US.

If you go back and look at the history of the flag, it’s not very complicated.

It’s a symbol that is a bit more like a baseball than it is like a flag.

What’s really interesting is that the US Navy has actually adopted the symbol, and they’ve actually used it in practice, in the US Marine Corps.

What we’re looking for in this search engine is “dives flag”, and that’s the flag that they have.

We’ve been able to show you what it looks like in the history, because the US flags are a symbol and a badge of a particular branch of the military.

What you see here, in this article, is what a diving flag looks like.

The stripes are really neat, and you can see the different shades of red and yellow.

It looks really good.

The other thing that we found is that this flag is actually a really common symbol, that people know about.

It can be used in other countries, but it’s also used by some of the more exotic branches of the marine corps.

There’s even a reference to this flag in an article about a certain US Marine.

The Marine Corps uses it in the name of the Corps of Engineers, and the symbol is actually one of the things that they do.

So you see this symbol everywhere.

The one thing that you might not know is that there are other flags of the same size, and different colors.

You might not think that that’s a big deal, but there are some other flags that are even bigger, with a bigger shape, and this one has an even bigger shape.

So it’s sort of a flag that’s used across the world.

Now that we know what the US Flag is, let’s take a look at what other countries have used it.

The United Kingdom and Australia both have a very similar flag.

Both have the red and white stripes, and their navy and air force also have a different design.

The colors of the flags are different.

Australia uses yellow and orange, and has a different coat of arms, so it’s a very different flag.

But the United Kingdom is the only country in the world that uses a single design, a red and blue flag.

That design is called the United Diving and Scuba Association, or UDSCA.

Australia has a flag with a red field, a blue field, and a yellow field.

The red flag has been around for quite a while, and was used in the Royal Navy.

There are some interesting differences between the UK and the US as well.

The UK has a long history of using a blue flag, and also has a very strong association with the Royal Canadian Navy.

In the United states, the blue flag is still used by the US Air Force, which is based in the same state as the US Military.

There is a flag in the state of Alaska, and it has blue and white strips, and that design is not really common in the United State.

It doesn’t really have much of a place in American culture.

So the United Navy uses the United Australian Flag, and Australia also has an Australian flag.

They use the flag on their uniforms.

Australia’s flag is a lot more modern than the US one.

They’ve had the yellow and blue stripes for a long time, and in the 1980s, Australia even had a naval academy.

That was the first time that Australians had used a flag as a flag, but they did it as a badge, not as a military insignia.

So in Australia, the red flag was used by both the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Navy.

What are the meanings of these flags?

So the flags used by different countries are actually not really that important.

What they are, is flags of a country.

Countries have different flags, and these flags are used for different purposes.

In Australia, Australia uses the Australian flag because it is a part of the country.

It is part of our history, and part of who we are.

But it’s just part of what’s been in place.

The British flag, which was adopted in 1867, is actually used in different parts of the world, so different countries have different flag designs.

The European Union has a common flag design, and countries like Denmark and Norway have a completely different flag design.

There have also been flags that have been adopted in different countries.

In Canada, the Canadian

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