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The Shark Dive World Record Breakers – Part 2

Posted February 18, 2018 05:03:10 A new record was set in Hawaii as a total of six people managed to dive for the first time in more than 60 years.

The divers were part of a dive team from Kona that was participating in a competition sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the Hawaii Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the National Parks Conservation Association.

The team made their dive Saturday afternoon in the waters off of the Big Island, about 25 miles east of Honolulu.

The dive was part of the Hawaii Shark Conservation Challenge.

“We are very proud of the achievement, but this is not our first time,” said Kona diving captain John Latham, who was the oldest diver to attempt the dive.

The dive team set a record of five dives under 50 feet in order to qualify for the contest.

The competition requires divers to dive in the water in pairs under 10 feet, with a minimum depth of 10 feet.

The competition also requires a minimum of 30 minutes of diving time.

Kona Dive Team member Brian Sutter said his team was the first group to attempt this dive.

“It’s one of the toughest things I’ve done in my life,” Sutter told ABC News.

“I can’t even imagine doing it in a day.

I can’t imagine it.”

Latham and his team spent nearly three hours in the shallow water, diving for 30 minutes and a half.

He and his partners were wearing masks, which are required for this dive, but were able to breathe freely in the frigid conditions.

“I can see the sharks,” Sitter said.

“It’s like a movie, really.”

The team was able to complete their dive safely, but Sutter and his teammates did not take photos or video during the dive, which was filmed by other divers.

The Guinness World Record for the longest dive is 10.4 miles.

The new NFL rules change will put black dive gear at risk

The NFL has approved a rule change that would require all teams to provide all players with black diving gear.

The NFL also announced Monday that all teams will be required to include at least one black dive mask, a helmet and other gear to ensure the safety of players and officials in black-face.

Black players were among those who raised concerns that the rule change could have a detrimental effect on the sport of black diving.

It was originally intended to be limited to players who are already qualified to compete in the sport.

The NFL said the rule has been extended to include players who don’t have diving experience.

The league also said that it is now allowing teams to offer the players who wear black dive masks additional equipment to protect themselves.

“Inclusion of black divers in the NFL is a vital element of the game that enhances the competitive spirit and competitiveness of our game,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

“This change will help bring the sport in line with the best traditions and standards in the world.”

The NFL said that diving gear will be distributed by the league offices and will be made available at all training camps and preseason games.

The league said the new rule will not be available to all teams and that no player will be permitted to participate in the new rules unless he is medically cleared to do so.

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