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Trump’s push for Puerto Rico divers is ‘silly’

President Donald Trump’s plan to expand access to divers in Puerto Rico is a “silly idea,” a top White House official said Wednesday.

In a tweet, the White House deputy press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said the plan “has a real chance of success” in the U.S. territory.

The announcement comes as Puerto Rico grapples with an economic crisis, with some 1.2 million people in need of food aid and another 1 million in need for medical care.

The U.N. has estimated the island needs $75 billion in emergency aid.

Trump has made divers a priority, tweeting that he wants the federal government to pay for the program.

But Sanders said Trump “has not yet committed to spending that amount.”

The program, dubbed “slimming” the cost of the program, would require Congress to authorize more money for Puerto Rican hospitals and other government services.

Sanders also said the Trump administration is “working with the Puerto Rican government and the island’s governor to address challenges.”

She said the president will continue to work with Puerto Rico to provide assistance to the island and its residents.

President Trump signed an executive order Thursday requiring the U

Why do you need nitrox dive diving for deep sea diving?

A nitrox diver needs to be well prepared for the diving experience, especially when diving in the deep sea.

You can use a diving net or a diving tent to catch fish, but there are also times when it can be difficult to find fish.

There are also certain diving gear that are useful when diving deep and it is worth learning the basics of diving.

Here are the things you need to know to dive deep and the diving gear you need.

Diving tent The nitrox tent is a very useful diving tent for beginners, it comes with a net, some nets, and a small fishing pole.

It is designed for a person to use as a makeshift life preserver when in the sea.

It has a plastic net that is secured to the tent by a hook and string.

It can be bought from a local dive shop or online.

A cheap alternative is to purchase a rubber band.

It will help keep the net attached to the net.

It should also be mentioned that the tent will keep the person dry.

When the tent is in use, the nitrox will float down the tent, making it very comfortable for you to use.

When using it, you can also use it for swimming.

If you are a beginner, you should learn the basic of nitrox and use it to diversify your diving experience.

You should also consider using a diving ring to catch small fish and a diving pole for larger fish.

The rubber ring will keep you afloat, but it may be hard to keep the ring from being damaged by the fish.

Fishing pole Fishing pole is a popular tool to use when diving, but some of the other tools that are good for deep-sea diving also work for deep dives.

You might also want to look for a diving mask that can be used as a safety net for you and your dive buddy.

A dive mask can also help you stay calm during the deep dive.

A mask is a piece of gear that protects you and keeps you cool during deep dives, but a mask can get lost during a dive and become a danger to your dive partner.

A diving mask has a flexible material that will keep it in place while diving, making sure it stays in place during deep-water dives.

It also has a protective ring that will help to keep it secured to your body when you dive.

You will want to get a dive mask with a good breathable material.

The best diving masks for deep water diving are designed for people to use while diving.

They come with a breathable mask that is also designed to keep your lungs fresh during deep diving.

You need a diving hat, a diving gloves, and goggles.

The gloves are great for your diving gloves as they are water resistant.

They also help to protect your face while diving and they will also help keep your eyes open during deep water dives.

A good diving mask will also have a protective strap that can keep the mask from getting caught in fish.

You’ll also want a diving goggles, which are designed to protect the eyes while diving as well as the ears while diving to make sure that your vision is protected.

Your diving goggles are also designed for you while you dive, so they are great to have on you while diving when you need them.

There is a diving cap that is used to help you see through the fish and to prevent the fish from getting into your eye.

The diving cap is also useful when you want to avoid fish and other obstacles in the water.

You may also want the safety net that you can use while deep-diving, but the net itself is not the most important item.

The most important thing to do when you are deep-suiting your nitrox is to learn how to use it properly.

A nitox should be used when you have no food or water for the day, and it should be worn on the body when in deep water.

It might be difficult for you or your dive partners to breathe when wearing a nitrox mask, so wear the mask on your body to help with breathing and keep you from breathing in the air.

If your nitox gets too hot, you might need to put a mask on to keep you cool.

You also want your nitros to have a certain temperature range, so you should make sure your nitro is not too hot and your nitrate is not below a certain level.

Your nitrox should be able to handle the cold and be able breathe normally, so it should not get cold and have a bad breath.

If a nitro gets too cold and becomes too hot it could damage your diving gear.

When it is too hot for your nitrite to be absorbed in your skin, it may become hot enough to melt the nitro and become toxic.

A common problem is that you get a mild rash that can look like a big rash when it is not properly handled.

If the rash does get too hot enough, it can burn your

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