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‘Scuba Diving Magazine’ is the new ‘Scubadiving’

scuba dive magazine is one of the biggest dive magazines in the world, it’s now a scuba school.

The news broke this morning on the web, and scuba divers are now tweeting about it, along with the news that it’s being shut down.

The web page that appears says, “The Scuba Dive Magazine has been shut down due to a serious copyright infringement complaint.

The magazine has not been updated since January, 2018.

It has been taken down because of copyright infringement.”

The story also says the site will be temporarily shut down while the owners “try to determine the cause of the copyright infringement,” and that they’ll be working to “re-open the magazine.”

This is a fairly typical situation for online publications, and the takedown notice says that “the copyright infringement is a direct violation of the U.S. Copyright Law and could lead to a civil lawsuit against you.”

The site will not be re-open for another 30 days, and it says it’ll have “a brief notice” of when the site’s website will be restored.

So while scuba diver’s may not have had much fun seeing the page go down, the news has caused some upset.

It’s unclear whether or not the owners of the website are going to get away with their copyright violation.

Scuba diving is a hobby for a large group of divers, and many of the divers are professional scuba experts.

It isn’t unusual for these divers to earn a living from scuba, and sometimes they have to pay for licenses.

A few years ago, for example, the company that made the popular Scuba Dive 2.0, Aquabox, filed a lawsuit against a competitor, DiverMate, after the company tried to license a website for scuba instructors.

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