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How to find a diving job

With the weather getting warmer and warmer, divers are being asked to find work that requires them to take on more dangerous jobs, especially diving, CBS News has learned.

In an effort to help divers find their footing in a changing job market, the National Association of Dive Professionals (NADP) launched its “Get Your Job Done” program.

The program, which began in August, will offer divers and other workers a chance to gain valuable skills they may not have acquired in their professional diving careers.

The NASP launched its program to help get more divers in the pool and into the water.

Its called “Get your job done” and it’s a good way to start learning about the diving world and how divers get jobs in diving companies, says Nancy Matson, an assistant vice president with the NASP.

She says the program will give divers an opportunity to gain an understanding of what they can do to be successful at a diving company.

The goal is to have divers find a job, and then learn from that experience, she says.

The organization has been providing free diving gear to divers for nearly a year now.

The program will run through the end of the year.

In addition to diving gear and diving lessons, the NASM also offers other divers training, like a “diving bootcamp” where divers can learn how to use a diving helmet.

Divers can also get in touch with the diving community for more information.

“We encourage divers to contact us and let us know what they’re doing, what they’d like to do in their career, what other people are doing, and if they have any other questions about how we can help,” Matson says.

For divers interested in getting into the industry, Matson recommends they attend a dive school.

“The school has a great reputation and the school has really made diving more accessible for divers and those that want to get into the pool,” she says, adding that there are some diving schools that specialize in training divers for diving jobs.

For more information on diverships and diving, go to www.nadp.org/get-your-job-done.

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