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Conservative politician who wants to ban Diving Helmets and Diving Flippers is ‘a nutjob’

The conservative U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann is being grilled by the House Ethics Committee as part of a wide-ranging probe into her alleged misuse of taxpayer dollars to help finance her 2011 campaign.

On Monday, the House Oversight Committee said in a letter to Bachmann that she has repeatedly misled the public on her use of taxpayer money to pay for a Diving Helmet and Ducking Flipper program that she touted on her 2012 campaign.

Bachmann, who was re-elected in November, has said she was using her personal money to buy the gear because it was a necessity in an increasingly hostile world, but the ethics panel has raised questions about whether she did so in a way that violated federal rules on campaign spending.

Bahlmann was paid $14,000 to conduct a campaign survey for the state of Wisconsin.

The committee said the $14000 was not a campaign contribution but a “reasonable, low-cost research expenditure.”

The probe also said Bachmann made a personal request to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to provide information about the use of the Diving and Ditching Flippers, which she touted as a “must have” tool for divers and those who are training for the sport.

Bathroom bill, which includes a ban on the purchase of diving equipment, passed by a vote of 228-198 on the House floor on Friday.

The committee sent a letter Thursday to the U.K.-based manufacturer of the products, Diving Systems, which said it would comply with the ethics probe but declined to provide any further details about how it would proceed.

Basham said on Sunday that he would introduce a bill banning the purchase and use of diving masks and flippers.

The legislation, which would take effect in March, would bar anyone from using the products if they are under the age of 18.

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