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When the shark hit me

When a shark hit my leg, I was shocked.

I thought it was a freak accident and then it was gone.

A shark, that’s how many times I have been bitten by a shark.

But when I went to check my injuries, I found that I was bitten on the right thigh, which was the same place where I had been bitten earlier.

My left leg was also bitten.

I had to leave the hospital and was left with a nasty sore.

It was not something that I would wish on anyone.

My right leg had a bit of a scrape and I felt that I might have broken my leg.

But the doctors told me that it would not be a problem for my recovery.

I went back home and took stock of what happened.

The first thing that struck me was that I had had a bite to the right leg.

My legs were in such good shape that I could barely walk.

My friend and I took a few steps to get away from the shark.

When we finally got close, it was like a bullet had gone through my leg and I couldn’t move.

But when I looked at my leg I could see that it was very swollen and I thought that I probably had a broken bone.

The second thing that shocked me was the speed at which the shark came in and then I realised that it had come right into my leg with the force of a jet.

This was a pretty scary thing to experience.

The shark had hit my thigh, my right leg, and my left leg and had already bitten my face.

The doctor said that I will probably never walk again.

It had taken me over an hour to get to the hospital.

The only thing that I can say about my recovery is that I am grateful to the staff at the hospital for helping me to get the right surgery.

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