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When a cave diver finds a rare ‘lost paradise’

Diving in caves is like nothing else, but there’s a whole new level of excitement when you see one.

Here’s how it works: You’re underwater, the water’s calm, and the cave is filled with life.

So what happens when you’re there for more than a few minutes?

First, you’ve got to make it through a series of bubbles that form on the surface of the water.

These bubbles are a way to measure oxygen levels, and, in this case, are produced by the diver’s breath.

Oxygen levels drop when there’s too much oxygen in the water, so the diver exhales in a puff of air.

Once the diver is through the bubble, the bubbles stop.

So, naturally, when you release the pressure, the diver becomes aware that there’s enough oxygen to fill the cave with water.

The next step is to go back down into the cave and get your breath back again.

Once again, the bubble releases oxygen again, and so on.

In some cave diving videos, the divers are allowed to dive for up to 10 minutes.

The divers don’t go down to the bottom of the cave, so they don’t get to see what’s beneath them.

If you’re lucky, you might see some water animals, but you might also find an underwater cave.

But if you’re looking for a cave, you’ll want to take your time, because it’s usually a lot more interesting to see something live.

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