Whale shark diving in the Gulf of Mexico

A whale shark dive is a popular activity in the deep sea off the coast of Florida.

The marine life is particularly sensitive to temperature changes and the pressure in the water can reach as high as 90 degrees Celsius.

Some of the largest sharks, such as the great white, the tiger, the bull, and the killer whale, have been observed in the depths of the Gulf.

There are several different diving sites for whale sharks.

The diving sites are typically at depths of about 200 metres, which is very shallow.

The sites are known as “pier diving”, because they are usually shallow.

The main aim of a whale shark dives is to capture the animal for identification and identification is the main goal of the dive.

The species of whale shark, or krill, is closely related to the great whites and the tiger sharks, but it has much smaller teeth and more fragile skin.

They have a large dorsal fin, which gives them their name.

The large teeth are used for grabbing prey and for digging and crushing bones.

There is no evidence that they are predatory, however, they can bite with great force, which can lead to life-threatening injuries.

A whale shark can weigh between 1,500 and 3,000 kilograms.

It can live up to 40 years.

There has been some concern about the health of the species due to its small size.

The great whites are the world’s largest animals and the great black whale is a smaller and slower-moving species.

The number of whale sharks has fallen significantly since the 1960s, with only about 100 remaining in the wild.

There have been sightings of a pod of approximately 150 individuals, and scientists are working on understanding their behaviour.

The dive is popular in the Caribbean and the Gulf, particularly in the Bahamas.

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