Jack’s Diving Locker’s new design is pretty damn cool

Jack’s diving lockers are still a bit of a rarity these days, and the company is releasing a new design that makes them even cooler.

The Jack’s Dive Locker 3 is a little more affordable than its predecessors, and it has some notable changes.

The new design includes an interior space for the door handle, and a “floating” bottom plate that lets the lock open with just one hand.

That way, you can put the door down and just slide the door off.

The lock itself also includes a rubberized pad, which means you can use it for just about anything.

The new design also comes with a new lockbox lid.

The lid features an integrated latch, and its built-in pressure sensor.

The sensor detects when the lid is pushed back, and when the door is open, it sends an alert.

The pad also works well with the lid, and if you use the lid while using the lock, it will unlock and open with a simple press of the button.

You can also use the new lid with a third hand.

This way, if you’re sitting on a chair, the lid will unlock with just your hands, which makes it easier to move things around.

The lock is currently available in black and gold.

We’ll have more info on the new Jack’s product in the next few days.

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