What to look for in an underwater camera, a new diving smart watch

The world’s biggest tech companies are rolling out smart watches for divers in an effort to help them better manage their risk.

DivingWatch, the wearable for divers that’s available on Amazon, Apple, Fossil and Microsoft, is the latest in a long line of products designed to give divers a little extra help in the water.

While most of the devices in this category are made by companies like Apple and Fossil, there’s a big difference between them and the diving watch that is currently on sale from Microsoft.

The first DiveWatch was developed by Microsoft in 2014 to offer users a way to check in with their dive buddy or family member at sea.

Microsoft’s dive watch is a device that looks like a diving board.

You can set the watch to automatically record your dive time and then share it with a friend or family members via Skype or Facebook Messenger.

If you want to check the weather and weather alerts on your device, you can set your phone to display weather forecasts for a specific area or dive location, and you can also record weather information for a selected time period.

In addition to weather alerts, the Microsoft DiveWatch comes with features like a compass, a microphone, a gyroscope, and a depth gauge.

Microsoft’s DiveWatch is the first smartwatch to include an automatic recording feature.

Unlike other smartwatches, which can record the time you’ve been out and track your dives, Microsoft’s divewatch has no built-in GPS.

Instead, it uses the Microsoft Connected Devices SDK, which enables users to send and receive data from devices like cameras and sensors, making it much more flexible.

A user can also set their device to beep and vibrate at certain intervals.

Because it’s designed for divers, Microsoft Dive Watch is not compatible with diving suits.

There are no plans to introduce a waterproof version of Microsoft Dive watch.

Microsoft is also offering DiveWatch with its new Surface Pro 2, which is a $2,299 device that’s designed to be an alternative to the current Surface Pro, which sells for $2.99.

Surface Pro 2s also have an integrated gyro-stabilized camera that uses a sensor with a range of up to 10 meters, which Microsoft has said can track underwater movement.

Like Microsoft Divewatch, Surface Pro Plus comes with an integrated compass, microphone, gyro sensor, and depth gauge, which will be a good option for divers.

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