How to dive in a pinch, but not without a dive suit

I have a few dives under my belt, and I’m pretty happy with how they turn out.

But sometimes, when the weather’s getting cold, I need a bit of a change of scenery.

Like when I wanted to dive, but the weather wasn’t cooperating.

When I’m not using my dive suit to dive under the water, I’m still wearing my life jacket.

The Life Jackets I Wear If I had to pick one life jacket for every time I’ve needed to take off my life vest, I’d have to pick a T-shirt or hoodie.

These jackets are lightweight, breathable, and durable, which is a big plus when you’re diving.

While a vest won’t save your life underwater, a life jacket does.

They can be worn under a vest or hoody, but you need to get the right fit and size for each.

I typically wear a pair of large fleece jackets.

A life jacket is a must-have if you’re a diver, since it can keep you warm and dry in the freezing cold conditions.

For me, the first time I wore one of these life jackets, it saved my life.

My first two days diving under the sea were the most terrifying.

If it wasn’t for my diving suit, I would have died.

After that first dive, I had a couple of more dives under the ocean, and this is how I survived those dives.

Diving Underwater, The Basics Life jackets can be a lifesaver when you need them.

And I love them.

I wear them every time.

Why should you dive in the cold?

You can dive with the sun off, so the cold doesn’t affect you.

You can go under the ice in the dark, so you can stay warm.

Your life jacket keeps you dry and warm. 

If you want to stay warm, it’s a must have.

No matter what, you need one.

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