How to find out if your boat is trash diving

By: Ben Smith-SmithA video of a diver who said he had been searching for treasure in the ocean has gone viral, with many calling for an investigation into the incident.

The video was posted on YouTube on Monday, where the clip shows a man diving for treasure on a boat.

The man, who calls himself “Rico” says that he found an 18th-century treasure in a boat that was abandoned in Panama City.

He then goes on to say that he was looking for something that he claims belonged to his mother.

The footage of the man, named “Rio”, is one of the most viral moments from the Panama City Treasure Discovery program.

“I am very excited about this treasure because it is very rare,” said Rico.

“You can’t find these treasures anymore.

The only thing left is the shipwreck of the lost treasure.”

The video, which has been viewed over 5,000 times and shared nearly 1.4 million times, has drawn widespread criticism for the man’s behaviour.

The incident is not the first time that treasure hunting has been caught on camera.

In December, a video was released by an unnamed man in Panama which showed him in the same area of the ocean where the treasure was found.

The clip shows him walking into a shallow, sandy area in the Pacific Ocean.

He is filmed as he picks up the pieces of the ship and takes them back to the shore.

The boat is also seen lying on the water, presumably untouched.

A number of people have expressed outrage at the incident, calling for a public inquiry into the actions of the unidentified man.

“He was very rude, but I don’t think that is his real name,” said Cristian, a member of a local treasure hunt group.

“What is his reason for not stopping?

He just said he was going to take it to his wife.

I have seen that in my travels.”

The incident has sparked a discussion on the social media platform, with people sharing their own stories of being caught in the act of treasure hunting.

“The man who filmed it, who was on a fishing boat, said he thought it was a great treasure,” said Carlos, a treasure hunter from the town of San Pedro.

“So we thought it could be real.”

However, the incident has raised concerns about the safety of treasure hunters in the region.

“It is very dangerous, and they can be dangerous too, especially those who don’t know the laws,” said Ricardo.

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