Why you should visit the deep sea in 2020

What you need to know about the deep ocean as it approaches the end of its life cycle.

Deep sea diving is a popular sport in the tropics and is a highly demanding and rewarding sport for divers.

With its long depths, extreme temperatures and constant motion, diving requires a deep-sea environment that is both dangerous and beautiful.

Deep sea diving has become popular in Australia over the last few years, with several national competitions in the past couple of years.

The Australian National Deep Sea Dive Association (ANDSDA) is a group of diving enthusiasts who come together to promote deep sea sport.

There are about 20 diving clubs and divers in Australia.

ANDSDA members have taken part in competitions, and even participated in the Great Barrier Reef Classic Deep Sea Race in 2020.

In 2019, ANDSDAA hosted a competition at The National Museum of Australian Art in Melbourne to choose a new deep sea diver.

ANSSDA members competed in a contest for a medal for the deep-water diver.

The winner received $30,000.

In 2018, ANSSDAA had its first Deep Sea Diver Award.

This was awarded to a member who completed a deep sea dive that exceeded the minimum distance of 40 metres (130 feet).

The 2017 Deep Sea Deep Sea Diving Competitions were held at The Australian National Museum in Melbourne and at The Great Barrier Fishery Museum in Tasmania.

This year, ANssDAA members competed for medals for the deepest-sea diver and diver with the most dives.

The Deep Sea World Championships were held in Brisbane in June.

The deep sea is home to about 70 million animals and is the deepest part of the ocean, with a depth of more than 8,000 metres (20,000 feet).

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