Which Scuba Diving Tips Are Worth Your Time?

What are some of the best scuba gear tips? 

A quick glance at the list of scuba dive-related websites, like  ScubaDivingTips.com , will tell you that the scuba equipment on the market is not exactly the best. 

And even those that are better have limitations that make it less convenient to get started. 

However, the same list scuba-diving-related-sites-top-10 list also includes some pretty interesting scuba tips that can be useful for anyone. 

For instance, ScubaDiveTips.net recommends using a lighter than normal filter (and also recommends a good sealant for the filter) in sitting on a dive site, to prevent your nose from getting dirty and tearing your fins. 

The site also recommended using an open, horizontal diving board to prevent the tentacle of a shark from coming into contact with your fins.

Another great tip is using the best scud equipment available for the time of year you dive, especially when it comes to diving in the cold months. 

Scuttlebutt says that scuba divers have an average life expectancy of 3.5 years, while a 2014 survey of dive-site divers found that approximately 20% of divers said they had been out for more than 4 years. 

If you want to dive with a more relaxed attitude and spend less time at the bottom, you can always try a few of these tips while waiting for the temperature to drop below freezing. 

How much is scuba expensive? 

The average cost of scud equipment on the market in 2015 was $1,935, according to ScubadiveData.com. 

But if you want something a little bit more sophisticated, you could pay $1.4 million or more for a scuba tank and diving mask. 

Another interesting tip is that scubadiving-tips.com recommend using an underwater camera and underwater audio recorder, or an underwater microphone, to record your dives. 

You can also use a dive-safety harness to keep your scuba-piercings and other underwater equipment in the tents that you’re diving in. 

Other great scuba related tips include keeping your mask tightly under your belly and not frothing when you dive in the cold. 

Should you dive in the tropics? 

Although there are some cool scuba dives in the warmer months, it’s best to dive in winter if possible. 

Diving in the tropics can sometimes take away from the sun’s energy and allow for cold conditions, which can also make dives less fun. 

There are also some cool diving locations in the tropical regions of the world, like Hawaii, which are known for dolphins, sharks, and turtles. 

In fact, it is common to find scuba dolphins in the water, so diver be sure to take the time to study the dolphins before diving. 

Additionally, scuba tanks and diving masks can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency. 

What do I need to know before I dive? 

There is a lot to know when diving in tropical climates. 

Before diving, you should watch the local weather forecast and check the weather in the area you’re going to dive. 

Also, watch out for dangerous fauna such as lions, leopards, sharks and turtles.

If you do see a dangerously large animal, keep your distance and avoid nearby places. 

Remember to take the right safety gear when diving and also do your self a favor and be responsible when dipping. 

Are there any diving sites in South America? 


While most dove sites in South America are in high elevation, several are located in shallow, shallow doves, meaning that divers should be able to find a decent dive site in any place in the world. 

Furthermore, many of the South American diving sites are in a territorial area, meaning you will have to have a permit in order to go there. 

Do I need a dive license? 

Dive-ins are free at most dive-in grounds, but if you want a permit, don

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