‘The Mummy’ is a great movie but it’s still one of the most disappointing films of 2016

As much as we all love The Mummy, this year’s entry in the series has been a disappointment.

This one had a handful of promising ideas, like a modern-day version of the film’s original title, The Moth.

The first two sequels, The Rise of the Mummy and The Mummies Revenge, were great and exciting and both films had some very good ideas for new additions to the franchise.

But The Mummy, released a year and a half after The Rise, has only managed to come up with a bunch of familiar faces.

Its plot is the same as the first two movies, but instead of an ancient curse being lifted, it’s an ancient monster that’s trying to conquer the world.

Its theme music, however, is completely different.

This is not a great film, which means that even though it may not be the best movie of 2016, it still has a lot of potential.

And it’s not the only film that has struggled to break into the top tier.

For example, The Revenant is still the highest grossing film of the year, but it also has one of its biggest problems.

Its story is still largely the same, but the film is more of a horror film than a historical story.

The Revenger has been released two years in a row, so its audience has already been familiar with it, but its box office performance has been lukewarm, and it hasn’t gotten the critical acclaim it deserves.

The Mums Revenge has been given a fresh coat of paint by director Alejandro G. Iñárritu, and though the film looks great, its story has been somewhat overshadowed by the other films that have come out this year.

The most recent release, The Lobster, has already earned praise for its story, cinematography, and cast, but The Mummys Revenge is the one that has stood out from the rest.

Its original title The MUMMY is an accurate and clever name for the film, and its plot is exactly as you’d expect.

It is a modern day adaptation of a Japanese manga, The Wonderful World of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

In this tale, Jekyl and Hyde, a man and woman who have a daughter and son, are forced to travel to the world of the living.

The story takes place in modern day Japan, but this is actually the last time the world has seen Jekyyl and Jeklyn, since the time that humanity’s ancient curse was lifted.

In the end, Hyde’s son is able to save the world and his wife from the curse, and they both return home.

The plot follows Jekly and Hyde as they travel through Japan and learn of the great powers of the gods, and eventually meet up with the last living mummy, who has escaped from her tomb.

The movie is a fun and entertaining one, and we have no reason to doubt its story.

However, its biggest issue comes in its opening sequence.

While it has great ideas, it is still too slow for its audience.

The opening sequence of The Mumblers Revenge is set in Japan, which makes it seem like the world is a completely different place than it really is.

The film opens with a montage of scenes from Japan that are almost completely missing from the film.

The main character, Koyomi (Akira Kaneko), is trying to learn more about the gods by learning about the people who live in the world, which are all in the afterlife.

But he also learns that some of these people are just people, and he’s learning about them from a mummy, a ghost who is just waiting to be unearthed.

While the film does explore some of the different cultures and religions in the story, it also leaves the viewer feeling a bit confused about its story and its characters.

Its characters, the way they speak, and the way their personalities and actions seem to reflect their lives are all completely missing.

Even when they do have some dialogue, it isn’t really memorable or even well-developed.

This was definitely a problem in The Mombers Revenge.

When the film opens, the characters all seem like they’re on a whim or doing something that no one could predict.

The entire movie is filled with random characters that are just walking around and doing things for no reason.

There are no plot points, and these characters just wander around the film with no purpose or direction.

This scene alone is enough to make you think “why do these characters always just wander about like this?”

The Mumbo Jumbo, one of The Revenants main plot points and the one where Hyde is the only character that’s alive, is one of these characters.

The only thing that makes The Mambos Revenge so different is its opening scene.

While there are no other characters in the film that are speaking in Japanese, the Mumbler, the main character’s brother

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