‘Diving’ diving suit to be available in Ireland in 2019

Deep diving suit in the shape of a diving helmet is expected to be sold in Ireland for the first time in 2019.

Read more:A new version of the ‘Divergence’ diving mask was unveiled at the 2016 International Dive Show, and it will be available to buy in Ireland later this year.

Read the full story at the Irish Times.

Irish diving mask in 2019: The first to go on saleDiving masks have long been used in the public eye to protect from the elements.

However, it’s a very different story in the world of deep-sea diving.

This is because the water in deep-water places is far less acidic than the water outside.

This means that a dive mask can withstand greater pressures than a diving suit.

This also means that you need to wear it to depths of around 3,000m (8,300ft).

In order to make it fit properly, the mask is made up of two parts, one covering the face and the other covering the mouth.

Diving helmet is an essential item for those working in the ocean, but diving gear has also long been a source of fascination in the media and for many people.

Divers and experts alike have been fascinated by the possibility of divers wearing this diving suit as it could protect them from the ocean depths for many years.

The first ever version of this diving mask, the Divergence diving mask is a special edition that was unveiled in Dublin last year.

It is made of a special fabric, with a waterproof coating that will be able to withstand up to a depth of 3,600m (10,600ft) and is made from high quality materials.

The Divergence is expected by the manufacturer to sell for €499.

The new version will be sold by the company, called Osprey, from January 2019.

Dublin is a world-leading hub for deep-diving equipment.

It’s home to the Guinness World Records for the longest distance dive in the history of the diving world, the longest depth dive in history, and the longest dive in Ireland.

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