Predaceous diving beetles found in the Arctic region

By KEVIN FERGUSON-FORD and JOHN HUGHES-BARTONKIRKIRCHEN, Associated Press Staff WritersWashington (AP) — A new species of predatory diving beetle found in North America has prompted a national debate over the long-term effects of climate change.

A new species, the predaceous dingo, was discovered in the northern United States near the Canadian border, and scientists said it is a major threat to salmon and trout populations and the environment in the U.S. Northwest.

The new species was named for one of the most famous characters in the film “Dingo,” starring Tom Hanks.

It lives in a wooded area near Lake Superior, the state’s largest lake.

Scientists have known for some time that there are a number of new species in North American and the rest of the world that are different from the ones that have been known in the past, but the number of these new species has been relatively small, with just a handful discovered in a region that is home to the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic.

Researchers said they are concerned about the impact the new species will have on salmon and other freshwater species in the Northwest and that there is a risk of a pandemic.

The Dingo is a subspecies of the more widely distributed Asian Dingo, a larger, more widespread species that is native to Asia.

A new Asian Dido is found in South America, and the Asian Dio is found only in the western United States.

Scientists said the new Dingo species is different from all of the other new species discovered, with the most distinguishing feature being a unique dorsal fin that can be seen poking out of the head.

It is also unique in the fact that it has the largest size and weight of any of the previously known species of this subspecies.

“We can say that the new Asian dingo is more invasive than anything else we’ve seen, and it’s certainly the most invasive species of any previously known in North Americans,” said Robert Rupprecht, a University of Minnesota paleontologist who led the study.

Ruppreich said the species is also more aggressive than the Dingo.

“It’s not a predator that attacks, but it’s a predator with the ability to kill, so it has a higher potential for invasion,” he said.

Scientists and conservationists said the presence of the new dingo in the North American Arctic is important because the species has not been found there for several decades.

“These new dinos are likely to be a new threat to the Arctic ecosystem,” said Richard O’Neil, an environmental science professor at the University of Maine.

He added that the presence in the northwest of the Asian dio species is very concerning because it would make it harder for native salmon and Arctic cod to thrive.

Dio species are also found in other areas of the United States, and there is some evidence that the Asian subspecies is more prevalent in the southern states.

A recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that Asian dinos were found in southern Michigan, Louisiana and Mississippi.

“The Asian dino was probably first identified in the state of Mississippi in 1996,” O’Neill said.

“It is also known in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

These areas are relatively cold and relatively temperate.

It may also be present in areas that have relatively warmer climates, such as the Dakotas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City.”

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