Why the hell would you do this?

The first time I went into the water with my new friends, it was an absolute blast.

I had no idea what I was in for, and I was so hyped up that I wasn’t prepared for what I found.

We went out in the ocean for five hours, diving for about an hour.

I was amazed at how far we were, how fast the water was moving, and how deep we were underwater.

But even with that adrenaline pumping, there were some things I learned about the diving world that left me shaking my head in amazement.1.

It’s easier to stay underwater for as long as you want than it is to swim away.2.

There are no rules about what to wear or where you can be.

It was like going to a club and having to wear a white shirt, black pants, and white shoes.3.

There is no way to tell whether or not someone is a good diver because you can’t see their eyes, the way a shark can, or even the color of their skin.4.

There’s a difference between diving in the water and diving at sea.5.

Some divers prefer to dive alone, but others like to dive with others.

The first thing I noticed was that everyone seemed to be so hyping up for the dive.

It seemed like everyone was having fun.

I’d have fun with my buddies, but when I came out of the water I was totally alone.

My group of friends were mostly hanging out in a circle and talking and laughing, so it was like nothing really happened.

But then, after about half an hour, the adrenaline finally hit me.

Everyone was just so excited to get out of there.

The water was very quiet and there was no movement, so there was really no way for me to hear them.

My buddies were already so hypated that they didn’t know where I was.

I could hear them talking to each other, and then I started to hear the sounds of the surf.

It sounded like a real surf.

After a while, my friends started laughing and jumping in the waves, but I was still just underwater.

It felt so surreal, and it was a blast.

The second thing I experienced was that we were really in the middle of nowhere, at the edge of nowhere.

No one had seen us before.

And even though we were so close to the sea, it wasn’t really the ocean that was affecting us.

We were diving at the same depth that the waves were at, but we were going to be completely alone, which is the way it is in the world.

At that point, I started feeling like I was being chased by sharks.

I kept thinking, Oh, that’s when I will die.

I didn’t want to die, so I was just trying to be as calm as possible.

I thought about how I wouldn’t be able to breathe underwater and that I would probably end up floating in the air.

I’m a big person, so if I get really close to something, I’ll feel a lot of pain.

I started sweating a lot.

When I tried to think, I thought, That’s when we’ll die, because there are sharks everywhere, and they will grab you if you dive in front of them.

It took me a while to get my thoughts under control, because I had such an adrenaline rush.

I realized that it was just the adrenaline and the adrenaline’s got me in the zone.

I couldn’t see them.

I just knew that they were watching me.

And so it turned out that they saw me, and that’s why they were chasing me.

They were just going to keep chasing me, even though I told them to go back to the surface.

Then they realized that I didn.

There was no way out of this situation.

I can’t even remember what I thought I was going to do, but there were a couple of things that I did know.

I knew that I had to go to the hospital.

And then, one day, I learned that I was pregnant.

I still don’t know what I did to make the choice to give birth to my baby.

But I did.

So, I guess it was worth it.

And I can now go back into the world, because the waters around me are so beautiful.

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