When the ‘N’ word gets around: ‘You’ll be fired’

When the word “N” is said on the subway or at the airport, it’s often in an insulting or demeaning way.

In the United States, it can also be used in an accusatory way, such as when a woman says “I hate you.”

The idea is to draw attention to the fact that someone has been “wronged” by a perceived slight.

But the “N-word” has become so ingrained in everyday conversation that it’s becoming a way of life for many white people.

A new survey by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) found that nearly 70 percent of white Americans use the word when referring to blacks and Latinos.

A recent survey by NPR found that almost a quarter of Americans said they use the N-word “a lot” or “very often.”

Many people are uncomfortable being called out for the N word and feel that it reinforces stereotypes about them.

The new survey also found that many people use the term “N*****” in a negative way.

The poll surveyed 1,400 people and found that 71 percent of respondents said they were offended when a black person used the N term.

Nearly 40 percent said they felt as though the N was used as a slur.

The study found that about 10 percent of those who said they used the word used it as an insult when someone else called them out on it.

But it’s a different story for people of color.

In 2015, NPR interviewed a woman who said she felt as if she was the target of racist comments in a subway station when a man said she was “a n****r.”

She said the man made racial comments and called her a “n****r” and “n*****r.”

That same year, the SPLC asked respondents to write about racial slurs in their daily lives and see how many times they were said.

Among the more than 2,000 people who responded, the survey found that white people were more likely than black people to say they’d been called a racist name in their everyday lives.

In fact, one in three white people said they had been called such a name.

The survey also asked people if they would ever use the same racial slur.

More than half of the people in the survey said they’d use it when someone called them names, such a “N****r,” a “black person,” or a “Latino.”

The survey found black people were especially likely to use racial slurs when people they perceived as being in the same social class as them were called a “bitch” or a racial slur or when they were being called names by others.

One in six white people told the survey that they had heard other people use racial slur during their lives.

The most common response was “sometimes.”

Nearly half of white people who were surveyed said they would be willing to call someone a “c**t,” or call someone “n*gger,” in their lifetime.

In other words, people of all races would say the N and be willing and able to use it on someone of another race.

The SPLC said the N’s negative impact is especially pronounced when used in derogatory terms, such like “c*nt.”

And while it’s not illegal in the United Kingdom, using the N to describe a black man is considered racist in many countries.

While the SPLC survey did not look at how people would react if they were confronted with a person who uses the N in a derogatory way, the organization did find that the most common reaction was anger.

Nearly three out of five people said that they would retaliate against the person who made the racist comment.

That includes using a racial epithet, and some would also say they would call the person a “bigot.”

One person told the SPC, “I’ll just go to the police.

It’s not the right thing to do.”

Some people are reluctant to take a stand against the N. One respondent told the pollster, “What would you do if you saw me calling someone a n*gger?”

The survey asked people to identify their most common racial epithets and the most offensive racial slurs they had used.

The responses ranged from using a slur like “bigoted” to “whore” to saying they would “kill them.”

“There is a real sense of shame about saying the N,” said David Eickhoff, a professor at George Washington University who studies hate speech.

“People are uncomfortable, and when people say ‘N,’ they are trying to hide something.

That’s the difference.”

In other instances, people said the term is used as an apology for an injustice or a compliment.

“It’s not an excuse, but it’s something that someone who’s in the position of power, especially a white person, might say to somebody who’s not in the power position,” Eickstein said.

“If you’re in a position of authority, that is a way to say ‘sorry, sorry.'”

The survey’s findings echo

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