The top 25 most popular dumps in 2017

A new poll conducted by The Huffington Post reveals that dumpster divers and blue whale divers are among the most popular in the United States.

The poll was conducted by YouGov, and while it only polled 1,000 people, the pollster is already showing some of the results.

In the survey, the most searched terms were dumpster, blue whale, and dumpster diver.

Blue whale diving was the top searched term in the poll, followed by dumpster dive, and blue dipster diving.

While it is not surprising that blue dipsters and dumpsters are popular, there is one catch to this.

Dumpster diving was actually a term used by the Navy when it was first created, so it could be argued that this term is more in the public consciousness than blue dip, or that dumpsters and blue whales are the same thing.

What does this mean for you, your dive buddy, and the diving world?

Dumpsters are fun, but they are not the only thing out there.

Blue whales, dolphins, sharks, and turtles are also popular, and we can’t forget the blue whale diving.

The last few years have seen a boom in blue whale and blue dive tourism, so what can we expect from 2017?

Diving in the Pacific Northwest is becoming a bit more popular, with blue whales visiting several waters in Oregon and Washington.

We will also see more people dive in the Chesapeake Bay.

What do you think about the poll results?

Do you dive?

Which dive terms are you most likely to use?

Do dive terms matter?

Let us know in the comments below!

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