How to Survive a Deep Dive

A deep dive is one of the most intense experiences in the world.

But it’s not all about the experience.

There are so many things to consider, from the type of equipment you’re using, the temperature, and the level of pressure you’re experiencing.

In fact, there’s a lot to consider before diving, including what kind of gear you’re wearing, the amount of oxygen you’re drinking, the type and level of divers you’re facing, and whether you need to take a break or go on a short swim.

The diving experts at The Sport Biblical say there are several things you should consider before you dive, so you can make the most of the dive.


Wear the right equipment A dive suit should be comfortable and lightweight, with a breathable fabric and padded shoulders, and it should have plenty of pockets.

The bottom line is, it’s going to feel different from the rest of your body.

“Your skin will feel warmer than the rest, and your breathing will be more rapid, which will help you stay focused on the dive,” says Lisa Davenport, director of the diving research center at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

So if you’re a beginner, and you’re having trouble finding a comfortable dive suit, consider getting the latest version of the suit from a reputable dive shop, or buy one on Amazon.


Choose a good time to dive Divers are generally looking for a dive that lasts longer than two hours, and a good dive is when they can see the surface for up to 10 minutes.

The longer the dive, the deeper you will sink.

“A deeper dive will last longer, and be more relaxing and rewarding,” says Davenpool.


Prepare for a long dive The dive itself is relatively short, with around three minutes of rest and a brief decompression, or “break.”

“This breaks the body and muscles down so you’re relaxed and ready to go,” says Jody Stansbury, director and chief instructor of the North Carolina Diving School.

“You’ll also be able to decompress to an easier level.”

The best way to decompression is through your breath, which should feel a little heavier than normal.


Use a water mask If you’re diving with a dive buddy, you’ll want to wear a mask.

“Diving without a mask can be stressful and painful,” says Stansfield.

“Make sure you wear one before diving and after you leave the diving board.

You’ll feel a bit more buoyant and relaxed.”


Use your fins and arms to steer your body When you’re on the surface, you can control your body weight by using your arms, fins, and head.

“It’s important to steer clear of your feet,” says Vicky Beal, the diving instructor at North Carolina State University’s North Carolina Aquarium.

“If you’re moving slowly, it can be difficult to get your fins up and out of your way.”

When you use your arms to control your own body, you’re less likely to break your wrist, shoulder, or back, which is why divers should use their arms to maintain balance while diving.


Keep your body cool Divers have an easier time breathing while underwater, and this will help prevent injuries.

“In order to breathe underwater, you need a mask, but it’s important that you keep your mouth closed,” says Beal.

“Also, you should wear a helmet to keep your face from getting in the way of your breathing.”


Don’t panic if your diving partner or a diver goes down While you’re underwater, your body will continue to cool itself.

“Even though you are moving fast, your breathing rate will remain constant and will remain relatively low,” says Gail Zebrowski, a diving instructor and diving coach from the Florida State University Diving Club.

“This is due to your body temperature and the way it’s cooling down during deep dives,” she adds.

“So don’t panic, but keep your breathing steady and keep your hands free.”


Don’ t dive alone When diving alone, it might be easier to dive without divers around, and that can lead to stress on your body, and even a bad dive.

“There is a lot of pressure on your heart and blood vessels, so it can also be difficult,” says Zebrowkski.

“Just be sure you’re not going to overdo it.”


Don ‘ t try to swim on your own, as that can be hard for your body and your joints If you don’t want to swim, you might be better off swimming at a local pool or at the beach, says Beall.

“Because the body temperature is very high during a deep dive, it will help keep you comfortable and hydrated.”


Practice your breathing “There are some great ways to practice your breathing,” says Lacey

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