The best way to catch the diving bell spider

It was the strangest sight you have ever seen: A giant bell spider diving down from a water tower.

On Wednesday, a team of divers from the Indian Institute of Marine Science (IIMS) was among those who made the discovery, as they scoured waters off the island of Andhra Pradesh’s Tamil Nadu coast.

It was a first for them, said Rajeev Keshav, a professor at the IIMS who has been researching this spider since its discovery in 2003.

It was an early sighting of a new species, which was the first ever recorded in the Indian Ocean.

It’s known as the Bengal spider, and it’s also the first spider to be described in the English language, he added.

The scientists are trying to identify its venom, which is a form of venom that is not found in other spiders.

“This is a unique discovery, in the sense that it’s a species that was never seen before in the area,” said Keshava.

It’s also a very unusual discovery for a diving bell spiders to have been discovered on an island, as this species lives on land.

The species has been around since at least the early 1990s, and is one of the largest terrestrial spiders.

The Bengal spider has a distinctive web, as well as a mouth opening that can swallow up small fish.

In India, the spider is considered a pest and is usually caught in nets or nets made from rubber bands.

The spiders use the rubber band as a stepping stone, but the spiders can also swallow up other species, including other spiders and insects.

This species has evolved from a previously described spider species, and scientists are currently trying to find out more about the species’ life cycle.

This spider has also evolved a unique defence mechanism that prevents it from being eaten by other spiders, which may help it survive in the wild.

This discovery was made during the last summer of 2016, when the IISS team was working on the research of the Bengal spiders, Keshavan said.

They were studying the evolution of the spider’s web structure, which they said was the only one to have evolved from the original one.

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